Your Guide to Beach Body Abs

Do you want to have beach body abs? If you do, then you need to work on those three sections of your abs – your frontal or upper abs, your lower abs, and the side of your abdomen or oblique.

You are going to need enough water to drink while doing the workout. So wherever you exercise, always bring a bottle of water with you. It is also important for you to grab a mat or towel to place down the floor so you can feel more comfortable during the whole exercise and for added caution.

There is a number of training for the abs, and the first one is going to hit the front abs or upper abs. The front abs or upper abs are basically called “in betweens.” What you should do first is have your knees shoulder-width apart. What you’re going to do next is lie down and place your hands in between your legs like you’re trying to reach it. You can do this exercise for 12 consecutive counts.

The second ab exercise will be made up of bicycles. This exercise will develop your lower abs. Make sure that when you’re down the mat, your head and neck are against the floor the whole time. Your hands should also be set at the sides of the mat below or at shoulder level. And once you’re in position, all you need to do is kick your left and right leg the way you would do it on a bicycle. You can do this exercise for 12 consecutive counts.

Another ab exercise involves toe touch. This exercise will target your front abs again. In this exercise, you will need to put your legs up while lying down and then try and touch your toes with your fingers. The exercise will apply pressure to your front abs. The exercise can be done with 12 counts at each set.

What You Need to Know about Abs Diet

While workouts and exercises are the best ways to have that six-pack abs you have always wanted, it is also important that you have a diet plan that will go along with your workout. This is what you call the Abs Diet. This diet is said to contain nutrient-packed food that provides vitamins, fibers, and minerals that you need to go on with a workout while prompting the growth of lean muscles and help the body easily burn fats. Menu plans for Abs Diet mainly contain proteins for every meal and snack because they keep you filled up longer than carbohydrates.

Below is some useful information about Abs Diet that you might need to know:

1. Abs Diet is basically a six-week plan. You eat six times a day without so much regard of the calories; portion control is integrated into the diet plan.

2. Alternate large meals with small snacks. Normally, you will have a snack two hours prior to lunch, another snack two hours before dinner, and one more snack two hours after dinner.

3. The building blocks of Abs Diet are called 12 Powerfoods. The more powerfoods you consume, the more you easily cut down your body fats and build up lean muscles.

4. Every meal must have at least two or three of the 12 Abs Diet Powerfoods and at least one every snack. These are the 12 Abs Diet Powerfoods:

a. almonds and nuts,

b. beans and legumes,

c. spinach and vegies,

d. dairy,

e. instant oatmeal,

f. eggs,

g. lean meats,

h. peanut butter,

i. olive oil,

j. whole grains,

k. raspberries and berries,

l. whole grains.

5. Sufficient meal plans and recipes are provided, all focusing on protein, fiber, healthy fats, and calcium.

6. Refined carbohydrates, corn syrups rich in fructose, and trans fats are highly discouraged in Abs Diet.

7. While Abs Diet has not been extensively researched yet, based on the list of Abs Diet Powerfoods, dieters believe that this diet is as healthy as other diets based on its concepts while being supported by good evidence.

8. Abs Diet aims to make the dieter sated. Even with the tiring Ab Workouts, you won’t go hungry because the foods are rich in protein, which fills up your stomach a little longer. Plus, you get to eat six times a day.

9. Abs Diet is as important as Ab Workouts. If you are motivated with your workout, then you should be just as motivated in your diet.

10. No information on health risks has been reported yet for Abs Diet. But if you have concerns regarding your health status, it is important to give your doctor a visit first to ensure that Abs Diet is right for you.

Just like any other diet, discipline is very important for you to achieve your goal. You must discipline yourself or else your efforts might just go to waste.

The Perks Of Ab Workout For Women

Most of the people who are training at the gym, the field or track are focusing on sports specific exercises and endurance. They forget about the most essential muscular area, the abdomen. For many, doing an abdominal workout can be a real hardwork and sometimes boring, the reasons why they do not put more emphasis on the abdomen workout routines. However, after reading the perks derived from ab workout for women and men enumerated below, definitely, your perspective will be changed.

Here are the benefits:

  • You will live a longer life since people who have weaker abdominal muscles double their chances to die earlier than those with strong midsection.
  • When your abdominal area is stronger, it can support your spine. In effect, you can lift heavier weights.
  • You are not prone to suffer from chronic back injuries and lower back pain.
  • For athletes or people who love sports, they can make a more powerful shot, smack the tennis ball harder or swing the baseball bat harder. The reason behind this is that developing more muscles in your ab area can result into more energy for the rest of the body.
  • For slimmer people, a strong abdomen will increase self-image. This feeling of fulfillment can boost confidence naturally.
  • Strong abdominal muscles together with tight erector spinae and strong hip flexors can improve posture.
  • It can help improve balance and lesser instances of falling. If you are an athlete, this benefit will allow you to enjoy longer time in the industry free from injuries.
  • Increased muscular endurance, as a result, you will recover faster from a workout routine including a decrease of heart rate rest.
  • A strong abdomen means that you can have more muscles that will help burn more calories even if you are at rest.
  • Focusing more on your abdomen can result in lesser fat in your waist, this can reduce the development of heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • A strong abdomen gives less pressure on other body parts like your knees, ankles and hips. They will not work more because you have a stable body.
  • You will suffer less from hernia since your abdominal muscles are stronger than ever.
  • For pregnant women, a strong abdomen will help them have an easy labor and faster recovery after pregnancy.

Finally, if you want to excel in the sport you are engaged with, live longer, boost confidence and keep away from diseases, live a healthy life by eating nutritious foods coupled with regular exercise like an ab workout.

The Best Ab Workout Training Program

For a long time, your ultimate goal is to achieve those six pack abs but even if how hard you try, it seemed like there is no single ab workout training program that can help you. However, this article will give the good news, there is actually a training program that can help you kick those hidden buggers out.

This training program is effective because the main goal is hitting your entire core and not just limited to your ab muscles. It includes all muscles that support your spine from all angles and there are various moves to challenge balance, rotational strength and stability. For excellent results, do the training program for two-three consecutive days each week and in thirty days, the abdomen that you have been wishing will be flattened out.

The training program includes the following exercises:

Pelvic Tilt Crunch Using A Stability Ball

This exercise must be done in three sets, repeat 12-15 times each set and rest for thirty seconds after each set. Prepare a stability ball that weighs 5-10 pounds and do the following:

  • Lie on the ball face up and make sure that your head and back are pressed to the ball.
  • The feet must be close to each other on the floor and the stability ball is situated against the chest.
  • Brace your abs.
  • Crunch up and reach the ball’s ceiling.

This exercise works best for your abs, chest, glutes and hips.

Walk The Plank Then Rotate

Do this exercise for two sets, repeat 8-10 times and rest for thirty seconds after each set. This is how to do this:

  • Get ready in plank position and your hands must be 12-18 inch step.
  • Put your weight on the left arm and rotate your body. Your right arm must be raised to the ceiling.
  • Go back to the plank position then your right arm must be positioned downward to the right side of the bench while your left arm is at the left side of the bench too.
  • Step back up with your left arm first.

These are two of the best exercises for an ab workout training program.

The Benefits Of Ab Workout Exercise Ball

An ab workout using an exercise ball has many benefits such as improving muscle balance and tone. Exercise balls are very comfortable in fitness workout because they are durable and lightweight and they come in different colors that can support a maximum weight of 600 pounds. For some, they call an exercise ball as stability ball, swiss ball, yoga ball and gym ball.

The best thing about an exercise ball is that the user does not have to be a physical therapist or personal trainer to use it. It can be used by ordinary people on exercise programs like Pilates or yoga and for purposes of physical therapy. Before using an exercise ball, make sure to consult your doctor especially if you are injured or suffering from medical conditions. To give you the benefits of ab workout exercise ball, some of them are the following:

Improve Flexibility

Proper use of an exercise ball during your ab workout routine will help improve flexibility. You can use the ball for warming up or to stretch your muscle before you start the proper workout. With this, you can possibly prevent any injuries and help joints and muscles function well.

Strengthen Core Muscles

An exercise ball may help you strengthen lower back muscles and abdominal muscles. When these muscles are strengthened, your lumbar spine will be more protected since these muscles are responsible for its protection. Also, these muscles help maintain your body’s core stability. Often, as you do your daily activities like reaching and lifting, your lower back and abdominal muscles are always used. Using an exercise ball will keep a more conditioned stabilizer muscles.

Improve Balance

By simply sitting on an exercise ball, your stabilizer muscles are already engaged since you are using your back and abdominal muscles to keep balanced. This way, appropriate training with the use of a ball will improve balance, as a result, your posture will also improve. You must have a proper alignment when you train with a ball to avoid injuries.

These are the benefits derived from using an exercise ball when you do an ab workout.

Most Effective 30-Day Ab Challenge

A 30-day ab challenge is composed of ab exercises that will help you tone up your stomach. It is a series of exercises you have to do in 30 days. There are a lot of activities you can find in an ab challenge from the Internet, and basically you do these for three times a week. You start off with few repetitions, gradually increasing it to build up your muscle strength to make you last up to the 30th day.

Here are the most common ab exercises:

  1. Sit-up – bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the ground while lying down. You can place your hands over your head or cross them over your chest. Slowly lift your upper torso while contracting your abs. Hold the position for a few seconds then slowly bring your torso back to the floor but do not lay your back flat. Keep it slightly elevated and do it again for few repetitions.
  2. Leg raise – lie on your back while keeping your feet together. Straight out your legs and lift it at a 90-degree angle. Then lower your legs about 1–2 inches from the ground while keeping your lower back still in contact with the ground. Raise your legs again at 90 degrees and repeat.
  3. Crunches – lie on your back and straighten out your legs with your knees bent slightly. Contract your stomach and rise up until your shoulder blades are off the ground. Keep your neck straight and keep your legs in a fixed position. Repeat 20 times.
  4. Planks – start off with a push-up position then lower your forearms to the ground so they are flat against the ground. Contract your upper abs and glutes to hold you in a straight line. Try to stay in position for five seconds each time you plank.

How to Start Your Ab Workout

Before your friend got that awesome abs you envy, surely he started as a beginner. Starting an ab workout does not require expensive equipment or very difficult moves. As a beginner, you need to start off with not-so-intensive exercises. Doing planks and leg raises is easy to start, but being able to last longer is what makes these exercises difficult. So you need endurance and muscle strength to last up to the day you finally have that six packs. You may say that these are just basics, but, rest assured, these exercises will build up your strength and endurance.

Now get up and try these simple workouts for beginners:

  1. Arm cross squat – stand up straight with your feet together. Now slowly squat down while simultaneously crossing your arms down. Remember to keep your body straight while doing so. You can do ten to twenty repetitions for beginners.
  2. Table top crutches – lay back flat on your back and with your feet together and bent slightly while placing it on top of a table if there is one. Slowly rise up while contracting your abs. You can do ten to twenty repetitions for beginners.
  3. Curtsy lunge – stand up straight then step back your right foot behind your left foot and bend your knees. Get back up. Step your right foot forward, step back with your left foot behind your right foot, and then bend your knees. Repeat all the steps while maintaining your body alignment. You can repeat these steps ten to twenty times.
  4. Leg extensions – lie down on your back with feet together and knees flexed. Slowly extend your feet straight then flex again. Contract your stomach by slightly lifting your head and shoulders about one to two inches from the ground. You can do ten to twenty repetitions for beginners.

These simple steps are appropriate for beginners. As you build enough muscle strength, you can modify these exercises slightly and increase your repetitions. Make these exercises a daily habit to make your body get used to it. Taking it slowly is the key. Have patience. Remember, patience is a virtue. No workout makes a six-pack abs overnight. Don’t be discouraged and just focus on your goal. These exercises not only will tone down your body but will make you fit and healthy as well. Just keep pushing yourself and stand out from your comfort zone. You might just see the result before you know it.

Guide To Ab Workout Following Hernia Surgery

You just had hernia surgery but you are afraid to gain weight, can you get back directly to the kind of fitness level you had before? The answer differs for each individual since there are factors that must considered like how well you have coped with the hernia surgery. Generally, after a surgery, the doctors advise their patients to start gradually and must take every stage with care to make sure that your abdomen or tissues will not be hurt and can heal faster. This article provides a guide for people who are doing an ab workout following hernia surgery.

What Is Hernia?

Hernia happens when the soft tissues of your small intestines push through the muscular walls of your abdomen. Hernia varies in size, treatment and pain and those that cannot recover after physical therapy and rest must need a surgical intervention. Be sensitive about your body, if you feel any discomfort or pain in your lower abdomen or groin or you noticed that there is a bulge in that area, see your doctor immediately for medical evaluation and early treatment.

When Is The Right Time To Do An Ab Workout?

After the surgery, patients must have ample rest before they can go back to their abdominal routine since the surgery disrupts the muscles and tissues of the abdomen. With proper rest, these muscles and tissues will heal and the repairs made during the surgery should not be torn or disrupted from doing an ab workout. Patients must wait until there is no discomfort or pain is experienced. To make sure that you are doing the right thing, consult your physical therapist and doctor after the operation.

After proper rest and approval of the doctor that your rectus abdominus is already strengthened, you can start doing an ab workout slowly. Begin your workout by strengthening the muscles without application of pressure. Slowly move on to the next level until you can complete the whole routine.

The key to an ab workout following hernia surgery is slowly but surely.

Free Ab Workout Routine Tips

You can talk to any aspiring body builder, and he will tell you that he is yearning for bulging biceps and abs that would look fine on the beach. Even the female body builders these days aren’t only interested in developing slim and trim legs that would look nicely in a photo shoot; they too want to have abs. If you want great abs, you can follow these four free ab workout routine tips that will point you to the right path.

Select a fat-burning exercise in contrast with a traditional ab exercise

The secret to having washboard abs isn’t doing tons of ab exercises but shedding layers of fat from your torso in order to expose your ab muscles. Traditional crunches and sit-ups can damage the spine and neck if not done properly. Any kind of exercise that will bring your legs and arms closer to the waist or one that twists the torso can contribute to the development of abs. You must focus on exercises that can burn fat, for example a combination of trainings like circuit and interval trainings, which burn fats and enhance muscle growth. This kind of workout routine will shape your abs and provide you with a strong and lean physique.

Keep stress level low

Stress is a major enemy in a demanding and fast-paced society. You may ask what stress can do to your abs and abdominal muscles. Well, a lot. During times of stress, the adrenal glands will produce cortisol, which is a hormone secreted by the body and makes you feel relaxed. Cortisol functions in slowing the metabolic rate and adjusting the blood sugar or slowing the activities of your thyroid glands. This will lead to an increase in fatigue and belly fat and a decrease in muscle mass, all of which do not lead you to your goal of producing beach-body abs.

Control your snacks

A very important tip to fulfill your goal is controlling your diet, not just during meals but also during snack time. You can do this by eating your dinner and going to bed early. Your body is not mobile enough in the evening, and it won’t burn much of the calories that you’ve just consumed. So eating two to three hours before bedtime is ideal. In this manner, you don’t get excess calories that can accumulate along your midsection. A good night’s rest will also give you the energy required to do hard workout and burn fats.

Finest Ab Workout Machine/Equipment

Often, physical appearance is important for people, the main reason why they are trying very hard to maintain a perfect figure. Achieving a six pack abdomen is one of the most fulfilling figures any person could have but this cannot be achieved overnight. It needs a serious and dedicated workout routine. Today, there are various ab workout machines or equipment that can be bought in the market to help people achieve a well-toned body but with so many to choose from, which products work best? To help you, here are the best ab workout machines or equipment:

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is one of the best machines to help you achieve that abs you have been wishing for a long time because it puts more emphasis on the development of the abdominal muscles. A rowing machine costs from $99 to $1500 but experts recommend that you purchase a machine that is within your budget. There are rowing machines that provide a complete range of motion that has an electric motor so that you can adjust the resistance of your workout. They can be bought at stores or Amazon at an affordable price. It can be assembled easily and after you exercise, you can simply fold and store it, this means that it is different from other machines since it does not require a big space in your home.

Ab Roller

An ab roller is the least expensive machine or equipment that can give you the six pack abs you most desire. Also, using and storing it is easy and fun. Most of all, it only costs $19.99. Remember, an ab workout machine need not be expensive to be effective and the best example is the ab roller.

Ab Trainer

The manufacturer of Ab Roller is the same with Ab Trainer. This product is designed by professionals to give the maximum benefits that an ab workout machine must provide to consumers, in fact, it is one of the best products ever developed. It is made of commercial grade steel and costs only $195.

Torso Track

A Torso Track offers a workout for the whole body and allows the user to tailor the specific workout for his abs. Also, this one piece equipment is not limited to keep your abs perfectly shaped but can be used for the whole body as well. Maintain a workout routine, sculpt and tone your body with the use of Torso Track which can be bought for only $199.95.

These are the ab workout machines or equipment top rated by professionals and experts. Every user is assured of excellent performance.